Tzadok Cable has the rare combination of high-level proficiency in Torah education plus a very friendly and open personality. High-level capacity in a teacher can sometimes shake a student’s confidence in himself, but that’s not at all likely to happen in the case of Tzadok. Tzadok himself is the result of a high degree of self-development, and has a great ability to help others do the same for themselves. Also, Tzadok’s wide range of social and employment experiences allows him to personally relate to an unusually wide range of backgrounds. I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly for such a position.

Rabbi Motti Berger

Senior Lecturer, Aish HaTorah

I have seen Tzadok’s work first hand and I am highly impressed with his ability to research deep and sensitive subjects with professionalism and knowledge. He is a top-quality educator and personable individual. I highly recommend him for all educational teaching, research and mentoring.

Rabbi Aryeh Leib Nivin

Speaker and Life Coach

I was studying Torah and noticed someone else studying nearby… and they were using some fantastic English language notes on the complicated subject at hand that made the information so much easier to understand… which led to to Rabbi Cable and his amazing Website, Binyan Haolam which is chock full of amazing Torah classes, audio and written, for all levels… Want to learn Torah with a master educator? a Rabbi that has been the leader of an international top notch yeshiva for many years,and that knows his stuff cold? If you are serious about learning Torah, try learning for Rabbi Tzadok for an hour. You’ll never look back!

Rabbi Issamar Ginsburg

Motivational Speaker and Marketer

I have had the opportunity to learn from R. Tzadok for many years. His teaching style is extremely clear, as he relays complicated ideas with surgical precision. He empowers the student to think on a very high level and encourages growth in ways appropriate to the specific individual.

Rabbi Daniel Wolnerman

Torah Advancement Program, University of Florida


Rabbi Jay Bauman, MD

“B”H. Tzadok Cable has the ability to connect and teach at all levels. Firstly a mensch. He has patiently and exponentially pushed my level of reading and understanding to a much higher level.Rabbi Tzadok is a master in Tanach, Talmud and sifrai kodesh. I look forward to further sharpening my skills with Tzadok in the most friendly atmosphere.” May 10, 2010

Chaim Cohen

“Tzadok is a most inspiring, personable teacher. With strong attention to detail, he created all his own materials and taught us all to think for ourselves and study hard. I recommend R’ Tzadok, especially for anyone looking to further their Torah knowledge, with a factual, detailed, no-nonsense approach, while learning from a true Talmid Chacham.” May 25, 2010
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Jay Bragg

Senior Business Analyst, Annex Ventures

“As a former student and someone who has the opportunity to run ideas by Rav Tzadok, I’m pleased to share my warm feelings for such a talented teacher. Rav Tzadok has mastered aspects of Torah with such passion that you can’t help but be fully inspired. A sign of a wise person is someone who takes difficult topics and makes them easy to understand. This is just one of the many reasons that I’m forever grateful for the time spent with Rav Tzadok.” May 10, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity

Rabbi Yitz Jacobs

Aish Los Angeles

“I learn with R. Cable once per week and it has been a tremendous resource for me. R. Cable has an encyclopedic knowledge of Torah and remarkable ability to explain these concepts. I recommend learning with R. Cable to anyone who wants to explore areas of Torah they have not yet had the time or resources to learn on their own.” May 10, 2010

Brian Schneider

Director of Programs, Aish HaTorah World Center

“Great content on the site and pleasure to learn from. Highly recommended for students of all backgrounds” May 10, 2010

Rabbi Tzvi Gluckin

Aish HaTorah

“Tzadok is the greatest: he is smart, capable, self-motivated, and knows everything (some people think they do – Tzadok really does). Whether you need a rabbi, a teacher, or just want to learn deep stuff from his cool website – Tzadok is the man.” May 11, 2010

Rabbi Yehoshua Dovid Schwartz

“R. Cable is an amazing Rebbi, with wonderful insights into the depths of Judaism that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to reach.” May 10, 2010
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Rabbi Zalman Goldstein

Yeshiva Keren Orah

“I spent three years studying in a yeshiva where Rabbi Cable was a senior lecturer. He possesses an extraordinary degree of competence and clarity in a broad range of halachaic (Jewish law) and hashkafic (Jewish thought) issues. Like many other students in the yeshiva, I consulted with him often in the course of my studies. He is passionate, sincere, dedicated, friendly, fun, and warm.” May 10, 2010

Rabbi Aaron Neckameyer

Administrator & Lecturer, Aish HaTorah

“After knowing Rabbi Cable for 15 years, I can vouch for the breadth and depth of his Torah, as well as his clarity and efficiency in teaching Torah concepts over to others.” May 10, 2010

David A. LeVine

Internet Director,

“Rav Tzadok is a Talmid Chacham, with a full depth of Torah knowledge and Halacha.” May 13, 2010

Ori Murray

Co-Founder, HeatSeat Records

“Rabbi Cable, is extremely thorough, accessible, and has a real knack for people.” May 10, 2010

Tzvi Lebetkin

“Learning with Tzadok is incredible!” May 2010
Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Eric Most

“Rav Cable is an excellent teacher who is detail-oriented and able to explain complex issues in a thorough way.” May 11, 2010
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Rabbi Nachum Wasosky

Director of Developement, Hakshiva

“Tzadok is good natured, honest, a hard worker, and extremely committed to his work. He is capable and well rounded. Personally, I would always choose to be on his team.” May 10, 2010

Benny Powers

Israel Tour Guide & Student

“Rav Cable possesses an extremely rare combination of intense Torah learning and down-to-earth, heimish relatability. He’s capable of communicating with anyone on their own level and it’s clear to all that he deeply cares about other people. Anyone who has the chance to learn with him simply cannot pass it up.”