By celebrating shabbos, the Jew becomes a partner in creation. By desisting from creative activity, he declares his faith in the Creator. The talmud enumerates and expounds thirty-nine categories of forbidden activities, and all the associated halachos.

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Chapter One: Yetzios HaShabbos

The first chapter of Shabbos deals primarily with the laws of hotzoah, transferring items from reshus to reshus.

Chapter Two: BaMeh Madlikin

We recite the mishnaios of BaMeh Madlikin every Friday night in shul. The first section of the chapter discusses which materials are permitted or forbidden to light with, wicks and oils. The latter half of the chapter contains a number of compelling agaddos.

Chapter Three: Kira

Chapter Four: BaMeh Tomnin

Chapter Five: BaMeh Beheima

Chapter Six: BaMeh Ishah

Chapter Seven: Klal Gadol

Chapter Eight: HaMotzi Yayin

Chapter Nine: Amar Rebbe Akiva

Chapter Ten: HaMatznia

Chapter Eleven: HaZoreik

Chapter Twelve: HaBoneh

Chapter Thirteen: HaOreig

Chapter Fourteen: Shmonah Shratzim

Chapter Fifteen: VeEilu Kesharim

Chapter Sixteen: Kol Kisvei

Chapter Seventeen: Kol HaKeilim

Chapter Eighteen: Mefanin

Chapter Nineteen: Rebbi Eliezer DeMilah

Chapter Twenty: Tolin

Chapter Twenty One: Noteil

Chapter Twenty Two: Chavis

Chapter Twenty Three: Shoel

Chapter Twenty Four: Mi SheHichshich