The Sanhedrin

The Sanhedrin was the grand court of the Jewish people which sat continuously from the time of Moses until it was disbanded in the 4th century.

Chapter One: Dinei Mamonos Beshloshah

The first chapter of Sanhedrin deals primarily with the requirements and obligations of judges and those laypeople who would serve as judges. It begins by deriving the reasons why courts are composed of three, five, twenty three or seventy one judges, then discusses the authority of lay experts and the exilarch, the obligation to judge, mediation, and the fitness to judge. It introduces the punishment of lashes, describes the exile of the shechina, and presents several laws of the leap year. Several stories are next: of sages who prevented the loss of Torah in Israel are next, of David in Battle, of Eldad and Medad, as well as the rule “no semicha in chutz laaretz.” The chapter ends with the rule that a unanimous verdict is thrown out, and a description of the appointment of officers.

Chapter Two: Kohein Gadol

The second chapter is primarily concerned with the extra-judiciary rights of the king and high priest. It discusses the merits of David, Joseph and Boaz, and then reviews a number of commandments given to the Israelites upon entering Israel. The chapter also discusses yichud, the king’s prohibition against many horses, which glyphs the Torah was given in, and aspects of divorce.

Chapter Three: Zeh Boreir

The third perek begins with the appointment of judges in civil cases. It famously describes Reish Lakish as “Oker Harim” and Rav Meir as “Sinai.” Much of the chapter details those who are disqualified from bearing witness, whether by their improper behaviour or through relation to judges or litigants, and that fines are not adjudicated in Syria.

Chapter Four: Echad Dinei Mamonos

Chapter Five: Hayu Bodkin

Chapter Six: Nigmar HaDin

19 Nigmar HaDin 42b-43b with guest rabbi Yaacov Tzvi Hoffman 20 Nigmar HaDin 43b-44b with guest rabbi Ricki Vigon 21 Nigmar HaDin 44b with guest rabbi Barak Landau 23 Nigmar HaDin 45a-46a with guest rabbi Barak Landau 24 Nigmar HaDin 46a-46b with guest rabbi Avi Schwartz 25 Nigmar HaDin 46b-48a with guest rabbi Avi Schwartz 26 Nigmar HaDin 48a-49awith guest rabbi Yehoshua Dovid Schwartz

Chapter Seven: Arba Misos

Chapter Eight: Ben Soreir UMoreh

Chapter Nine: HaNisrafim

Chapter Ten: HaNechenakin

Chapter Eleven: Chelek

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