Moed Katan

Moed Katan is the eleventh tractate in Seder Moed. It deals mostly with the laws of Chol HaMoed – the intermediate days of Succos and Pesach. The categories of permitted melachos for Chol HaMoed  are listed in Mishnah Brurah 530:1. You can use the mnemonic “Dr. Moed – המרפא” to remember them:

  • הMaaseh Hediot: Simple unskilled labour
  • מ – Tzarchei Moed: To provide for the needs of holiday joy (i.e. eating)
  • ר – Tzarchei Rabbim: To provide for the needs of a rabim
  • פPoel SheEin Lo Ma Yochal (Parnassah): One who must work to eat may do so
  • א – Davar HaAveid: To prevent a loss

Chapter One: Mashkin Beis HaShlachin

The first half of chapter one deals with agriculture on Chol HaMoed with digressions into whether or not a court can overturn the ruling of a previous court and why tombs must be marked. The second half presents more laws of tombs, several aggados about Solomon and paternal blessings, and which melachos are permitted on Chol HaMoed.

Chapter Two: Mi SheHophach

The second chapter discusses shinui maaseh in melachos and whether or not fines are inherited to the heirs.

Chapter Three: VeElu Megalchin

The final chapter deals with mourning, powers of the court, bans and excommunication, mourning and chol hamoed, eulogies and funerals.