Author: Rav Tzadok

Overview of the Mitzvos of Seder Night

Passover is certainly the richest Jewish holiday in terms of the amount of mitzvos. We have a plethora of mitzvos, from the Torah and from the Rabbis, both leading up to and during Passover. This is true even today, though we no longer have the Paschal Lamb. In temple times, the number of mitzvos was significantly larger, and the level of detail and undertaking was much greater. Nevertheless, preparing for Passover and keeping the mitzvos that we are still able to fulfill nowadays is no small task. The Correct Perspective on Seder Night Sometimes there is so much preliminary...

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Ki Savo: The Dynamic Covenant

Originally posted September 2012 The Canaanites were conquered and the country was at peace. Joshua gathered the people together to pronounce the blessings and the curses, exactly as Moshe had instructed. He divided the people, stationing six tribes on Mount Grizim to pronounce the blessings and six on Mount Eival to pronounce the curses. To this day, Grizim (pictured left) remains verdant and settled while Eival is a rocky desolation. Play in new window |...

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