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Over the years, many people have asked me questions in all areas of Torah. I have selected a number of the those questions (with names removed or altered to protect the identities of all parties involved). I invite you to send me your personal questions in practical halachah, Jewish outlook (hashkafah) or in Torah learning. You may also browse through the archives to gain insight from previous questions and leave your comments.

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Which Bowl was Treif Again?

I poured very hot milchig soup into an empty eino ben yomo meat bowl.  Then after washing it out I got it mixed up with another bowl that looks just like it. So now we have 2 bowls sitting secluded and I don't know which is which. Rebbe said we might be saved by a...

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Should I Wear a Gartel?

Question Should I be wearing a gartel (prayer belt – ed) or some other such garment during tefillah? I am going through hilchos tefillah and the Aruch HaShulchan brings down opinions that even if you never wear one it is good to wear one during tefillah because of...

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Cooking Treif for Non-Religious Jews

Question My mom doesn't keep kosher and asked me to cook her something treif. She gets very mad when I refuse. Is there any leniency to cook it for her?  Does it matter if it’s milk and meat or not? Is there any resource online in English that explains the ins and...

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Nargila Tobacco on Pesach

Question: Is there any issue of ta’aroves chametz with flavoured nargila (hookah) tobacco? Should these items be sold or disposed of before Pesach? Answer: There is an old dispute between the Maharam Shik and the Divrei Chaim with regards to snuff tobacco. The Maharam...

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The Obligation to Eat Matzah and Challah at Festive Meals for Jews with Wheat Related Allergies or Intolerance

Question: A person who absolutely can not eat bread because they are allergic to gluten, what do they do for Shabbos meals? Is there any reason to wash? I know the Shulchan Aruch1)Orach Chaim 288:2 holds that if one really suffers from eating he doesn’t need...

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Standing or Sitting for Kaddish

Question: Is one required to stand during the recitation of Kaddish? Answer: The Shulchan Aruch2)Orach Chaim 56:1 makes no mention of standing during Kaddish. The Rema3)Orach Chaim 56:1 writes that one should stand at the time of answering to...

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1. Orach Chaim 288:2
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