A woman who generally has no lice, who did a chafifah (preparation for immersion) but did not brush with a lice comb as she had no reason to think she had lice… then went to the mikvah and was with her husband only to discover the next night that she had lice…what is the din?


Rav Vozner1)Shiurei Shevet HaLevi pg 355, in his comments to Shulchan Aruch Yoreh De’ah Siman 198:47, says that a woman who generally doesn’t have lice need not comb her hair with a lice comb and that if she didn’t, her tevilah certainly counts. He adds however, that nowadays many women do have lice or eggs and therefore “ideally” she should use a lice comb in her preparations.

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1. Shiurei Shevet HaLevi pg 355