Rabbi Tzadok Cable

Rabbi Tzadok Cable

Founder and Director

Rabbi Tzadok Cable is a Jewish education and leadership development expert. Just like you, he has seen many different expressions of educational and development principles within the Jewish world. His experience brings him to consistently ask two central questions:

  • What is succeeding and, more importantly, what is missing in the world of Jewish education?
  • What is the essence of developing a vibrant and successful system for personal development?

Is it about transmitting and receiving information or being connected to the right institution? Is it about creating learning programs and herding everyone into them? Is it about merely inspiring people and expecting that they will figure out how to actually grow and develop on their own, or is there more to the story?

With well over two decades of his own learning and self development under his belt, and subsequent experience creating and implementing a diverse range of educational programs, Rabbi Cable’s answer to these questions is radically different. He has distinguished himself as a normal, non-judgmental, and clear educator who is completely focused and committed to the development of the student. He appreciates all of his students and associates and shares with each of them the Torah wisdom that he has gained from his studies and experience.

Building people is building worlds

The wisdom and values he has acquired over the years are universal. If one doesn’t know himself, he knows nothing. Every soul is precious. If we don’t use this world as our tool, we will become its tool. Building people is building worlds. A strong relationship with a Torah mentor connects us to Torah and Torah connects us to our unique purpose. Wisdom gives life. Give me clarity or give me death. Rabbi Cable strives to embody these principles and to guide and inspire others to do the same. To that end, he fuses Torah with technology, learning with connection, tradition with progress, and Jewish law with Jewish thought.

Because of this unique background he has successfully served as the head of the Rabbinical Ordination Program at Yeshivas Aish Hatorah, Rav and communal leader in Kehillas Bnei Torah in Beitar Ilit, a senior lecturer at a Tomer Devorah women’s seminary, and educational mentor at Yeshivas Netsach for struggling youth. He is also a respected public speaker and author.

His successes include playing a key role in the development of scores of thriving and successful rabbinical leaders, especially in the field of Kiruv; establishing a new paradigm in Jewish learning called “personalized online learning;” developing an interactive chaburah community for women, designed to help them get clarity in areas of personal growth and spiritual development; and developing the website www.binyanhaolam.com, which showcases the unique content and fusion of ideas that Rabbi Cable is known for.

An educator, but really a passionate student at heart, Rabbi Cable forged key relationships with some of the greatest Jewish leaders and Torah luminaries of the generation, among them Rav Noach Weinberg zt”l, Rav Yitzchak Berkowitzshlita, Rav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg shlita, and Rav Yirmiyahu Kagganoffshlita. These relationships were each crucial and tremendously formative in Rabbi Cable’s own personal development and in the formation of his own principles and understandings of Jewish education and leadership. His mentors guided him to make a siyum in Talmud Bavli over a period of ten years and also to attain multiple Rabbinic Ordinations.